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Robert Rauschenberg, contact sheet showing Cy Twombly in Rome, 1952
This contact sheet is part of the SFMOMA Rauschenberg research project. What’s interesting is the widely seen photograph of Twombly at the Musei Capitolini (Cy + Relics) is on the same roll of film as Cy + Roman Steps (I-V). They are at a similar location in Rome, so it’s not much of a surprise that they were taken on the same afternoon. Another hint is Twombly is wearing the same outfit. I’ve never seen the full-size frame of Twombly looking down.
Nicholas Cullinan’s essay on Cy + Roman Steps (I-V) offers interesting pieces of information that I wasn’t aware of. First, Twombly had applied as a photographer for the fellowship trip to Rome. Rauschenberg helped him make portfolio prints. (Do these prints exist?) Second, there’s discussion of Muybridge’s influence on this work. Rauschenberg owned several Muybridge prints at the time and gifted Twombly a Muybridge. And Cullinan’s 2007 interviews with Twombly in Italy revealed that Muybridge (as well as Duchamp) was an influence on the Treatise on the Veil paintings.
See previously, review of Cy Twombly: Photographs 1951-2007

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Young Basquiat 

Gonna start posting on this bad boy again. Living in New York got me feeling tumblrrific


American Dream

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Oh Mick I love you
Space Jam

the original space jam website from 1996 is still up.  enjoy.


Christy Turlington | Photography by Kurt Markus
For Mirabella Magazine US | September 1994


From the Keith Haring Foundation twitter feed.  ♥

If your heart isn’t melting, you better check your pulse.